High Efficiency Water Heating

Water Heaters Keeping water hot and ready is the name of the game! The newest energy efficient models have much better insulation then WH’s of decades gone by. They have less heat loss built in. Remember wrapping water heaters? Our kids sure wont!

  • Gas or Electric Storage Tanks?-These are the most common.  The new ones are excellent, efficient and great for full family usage.
  • On Demand-Tank-less & Instantaneous?-These are more costly, but well worth the energy savings in the long run. They heat water by circulating it through a coil that is heated with gas.These water heaters also come with incentives.
  • Hybrid?- Similar to tank-less. Also comes with incentives
  • Solar? -This type of water heating will harness the sun’s energy. Can’t get much more sustainable then that!
  • NaDean’s will help you with all the INCENTIVES should you choose this option.
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